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Jade Facial Roller



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1) Jade Rollers are detoxifying

How are they detoxifying?

The act of rolling and massaging the skin with the rollers increases circulation and helps the lymphatic system to carry away toxins. With increased blood and lymph flow, you can count on a renewal of cells  and moving the toxins away more quickly.

2) Anti-Aging Properties

All this detoxing and increase of Chi leads to what we call “anti-aging”. Really, what that means is keeping the skin in the healthiest state possible. It is seen as less puffiness, decrease in lines, tightening of the skin, and better muscle tone through the massage action.

3) Increases Chi

With the flow of fresh blood, chi is also brought to the face. Chi is life force energy and prevents stagnation (which makes the complexion sallow).


How to use?


First, before the massage, take a massage tool and facial are clean. The face massage with a large jade roll, bottom-up, push the skin along the growth direction. This can be done to enhance the skin and will avoid sagging muscles.

Massage the eye, with a small jade roll, from the inside outward, clockwise massage. You can reduce eye lines. Can also prevent wrinkles.

Action must be gentle massage. Wrinkles did not force roll is slowly soothing. Massage once a day, every 10-15 minutes. Also, when Cawan skincare, the massage tool can be put into hot water heating device, then massage, to help expand the pores, accelerate skin absorption.

At last, the massage toll put into in the refrigerator and then freeze what can help shrink pores. But we must pay attention to control hot and cold temperatures.